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All Member Summer Show

June 23–August 2

at Shiawassee Art Center

206 Curwood Castle Dr, Owosso, MI

Awards at the SAC show went to the
art of the following artists:

1st place, Bobbie Margolis;
2nd, Oksun Kim; 3rd, Carolyn Texera;

Honorable Mentions:
Karen Kiersead Miller, Nancy Kremsreiter, Jann Johnson-Lardie, Linda Cotter Cowles;

Certificates of Merit:
Mina Greco Hall, Soojin Ryu,
Dianna Popp, Lee Kronenberg.

Board members Deb Drew Brown reads the judges comments and Vicci Marrero Knowlton handed out the awards.

Bobbie Margolis

Oksun Kim

Carolyn Texera

Karen Kiersead Miller's art

Nancy Kremsreiter

Jann Johnson-Lardie

Linda Cotter Cowles' art

Mina Greco Hall

Soojin Ryu

Dianna Popp

Lee Kronenberg's art

Lee Kronenberg receives his award.

Jann Johnson-Lardie receives her award.

Carolyn Texera receives her award.

Nancy Kremsreiter

Mina Greco Hall receives her award.

Members and guests enjoyed the reception.

The Honey Badgers played at the reception.

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